Evidence-based benevolence? The role of philanthropic organizations in global public policies

Convenors: Alexandra Kaasch (Bielefeld), Marc Mölders (Bielefeld), Evelyn Moser (Bonn), Oliver Razum (Bielefeld), Holger Straßheim (Bielefeld) In the past two decades, the philanthropy sector has been subject to broad transformations. Financially powerful organizations, established by economic and technological elites scale up their philanthropic activities by applying business tools and management techniques outside their original fields […]

(Mis-)Interpretation of Scientific Evidence

Convenors: Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch U, AUS), Remco Heesen (U Western Australia, AUS), Chad Hewitt (Lincoln U, NZ) How well do masks protect against infection? When is vaccination safe? What is the impact of school closures on students' mental health? The Corona pandemic has shown how much political decisions rely on information from science. It has […]