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Talking about borders and their effects

Author: Universität Bielefeld

Europe’s external borders are being increasingly reinforced and monitored, including by force. This has an impact on the people who are turned away at the borders, but it also changes the societies in Europe themselves. These changes are the subject of the international research group “Internalizing Borders: The Social and Normative Consequences of the European Border Regime”, which is currently working at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld University. As part of their project, the research group has launched a public online lecture series, the Border Talk Series.

Every Thursday at 6.15 pm, renowned international experts talk via Zoom about current topics in the field of borders and border policy. Next Thursday, January 18, Annika Lindberg PhD from the University of Gothenburg will address the topic “On Europe’s Attachment to Border Violence”. In her lecture, Lindberg will address, among other things, the affective and material attachments of (Western) European societies to the ruthless border infrastructures. She will also address the role of research in making these ties visible.

Annika Lindberg PhD from the University of Gothenburg will give a lecture in the “Border Talk Series”.

There will be time for discussion after the lectures. Interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the events, live at the ZiF or via Zoom. The lectures will be held in English. Registration is not required.

An overview of the upcoming lectures and the link to the online broadcast can be found on the research group’s website.