New BI.research: Coming to Grips with the World Together

The rapid advances in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are constantly creating new interactions between humans and machines. How do robots and AI ‘understand’ the world around us and what role do we humans play in this process?

An interdisciplinary research initiative by Bielefeld University, the University of Bremen, and Paderborn University is taking a closer look at this fascinating relationship. This concerns taking a new path in the interaction between humans and robots that follows the principle of co-construction—that is, learning through cooperating. The three universities are now bundling their expertise by setting up a new centre: CoAI ‘Cooperative and Cognition-enabled Artificial Intelligence’. The dossier in this issue of BI.research, research magazine of Bielefeld University, introduces the research cooperation’s approach.

The full issue of the new research magazine—with many other topics—is available here in digital form.

Image of a man reading the research magazine