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New BI.research: Navigating Uncertainty

Author: Jörg Heeren

The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and global warming: they are all putting our society under pressure—and the consequences are unforeseeable. People have always been exposed to uncertainty. However, a new group of researchers at our university does not view uncertainty just as a threat. The researchers emphasize that uncertainty also creates opportunities. People in societies have developed different strategies for dealing with uncertainty and making use of it. How societies navigate uncertainty—that’s what the dossier in the new issue of BI.research, Bielefeld University’s research magazine, is about.

In the BI.research dossier, historian Professor Dr Silke Schwandt, economist Professor Dr Herbert Dawid, and conflict researcher Professor Dr Andreas Zick. explain how they approach the issue of uncertainty, its benefits and its uses. They are the coordinators of the promising research initiative.

The full issue of the new research magazine—with many other topics—is available here in digital form.

An issue of BI.research with the main university building in the background
This time BI.research focuses on the navigation of uncertainty.