Planning a Nonprofit Career Effectively – How to find a job in the NGO Sector

Fr 10.05.2019
10:00 – 18:00
Gebäude X

One of the major changes having occurred in the nonprofit sector over the last decades is the increased competitiveness and diversification of employment. The Nonprofit sector today spans across a variety of professional fields. More than ever before, it calls for cutting-edge skills, trained expertise and critical work experience. Far from the old clichés of soup kitchen volunteers, the Nonprofit sector is emerging as a highly technical and professional sector where the recruitment is consistent with the criteria of competence and value-orientation. This workshop prepares nonprofit job-seekers to plan their Nonprofit Career more effectively. The training approach used is a self-designed model which I have termed:

“The Three-Assessments Model”. It is composed of three interrelated and mutually informing phases: I.) Self-Assessment, II.) Market Assessment and III.) Matching Assessment.


Upon completion of the workshop:

The participants will be able to do a more accurate evaluation of their personality, weaknesses, skills and potentials.

The participants will gain a realistic picture of the nature and possibilities of/in the Nonprofit Sector

The participants will have learnt a few hints how to adjust their skills and market themselves in the Nonprofit job-market

The participants will become more acquainted with resources on nonprofit career


It is essential that the participants have an initial idea of their topical or thematic area of preference within the nonprofit. It is also recommended that each participant brings a draft CV and a draft cover letter for a past or intended nonprofit job-application.


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