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Intersecting Pasts – Collaborative Working at History’s Fuzzy Boundaries

ZiF Workshop

08.09.2023, 09:00 - 09.09.2023, 17:00
Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF)
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The workshop aims to explore new forms of cooperation in the multidisciplinary study of the past. An interdisciplinary and international group of scholars of different backgrounds ranging from space physics, chemistry and geology to paleoanthropology, archaeology, history, and philosophy is called to rethink the question of what history is, namely at the boundary of different disciplinary fields – between the natural sciences and the humanities. In particular, these scholars are invited to focus on their own multidisciplinary working practices and reflect on how the constant process of negotiating research questions and research designs, of mixing source typologies and methods, and of intersecting space/time scales is shifting our understanding of history. Questions pertaining to what precisely constitutes history emerge at the boundary zones of interdisciplinary research work. The workshop will ultimately call for joint dialogue among experts studying the past to collectively shaping a new research field under the heading “intersecting pasts”.


Please direct questions concerning the organisation of the workshop to
Sabine Mende from the Group and Conference Support.
Tel: +49 521 106-2769

Questions regarding scientific content and contributions should be directed to the organizers.

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