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BGTS Kolloquium

16:15 - 17:15
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Kolloquium der Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences

Vortragende: Sabine Jansen (LMU München)
Titel: Condensation, big jump and heavy tails: from phase transitions to probability

Abstract: Ice melts, water evaporates – these are everyday experiences of phase transitions. The explanation of this macroscopic phenomenon from microscopic laws belongs to the realm of statistical physics, which treats matter as a composite system made up of many individual “agents” with random behavior. From a mathematician’s point of view, a fully rigorous understanding still eludes us. The search for it leads to questions in probability that open up surprising connections: toy models for surface tension of liquid droplets build on heavy-tailed variables used in insurance mathematics; a big jump made by a random walker is a condensation phenomenon in disguise. The talk explains some of these connections and presents open problems and partial answers.

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  • Veranstalter: Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences (BGTS)
  • Raum: H5
  • Zeit: 18.01.2019, 16:15 - 17:15
  • Zielgruppe: Studierende, wiss. Nachwuchs, Wissenschaftler_innen
  • Öffentlichkeit: öffentlich
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