Stock market graph chart - stock exchange trading analysis inves

‘Start from the extremes when measuring uncertainty’

Financial products and their development: Three questions for the financial mathematics expert Junior
Professor Dr Max Nendel

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Two Industrial Engineers Discussing Work Projects, Talk and Use Desktop Computer in Robotics Startup Facility.

‘There are always two sides to an explanation’

Machines responding to individual signals of their human partners: This is the objective of a new research project.

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‘Uncertainty Talk’ on Uncertainty in the Digital Age

In an upcoming talk as part of the ‘Uncertainty Talks’ lecture series, Gerd Gigerenzer will speak about dealing with uncertainty in the digital age.

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Photo of the university in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

‘The Hollywood image of hackers is misleading’

Computer scientist Prof. Dr Peter Bernard Ladkin explains how great the danger really is of cyberattacks on Germany’s critical infrastructures.

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Tobias Hecker bei der Arbeit am Laptop

Tobias Hecker wants to help curb violence against children

The Bielefeld University psychologist heads an Emmy Noether junior research group investigating the effects of physical and emotional maltreatment. The team is developing concrete intervention recommendations.

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